Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our First Post

Hello to all!

Well, we are finally entering the world of blogging. We hope you will find it interesting to know all about the goings on of a quilt shop in South Florida. We are lovers of quilting and all things that you can do with a sewing needle. We plan on sharing loads of pictures and anything we see that is new we think you would want to do. We would enjoy hearing what you would like to know.

We have begun the year with lots of wonderful monthly groups and below is one of them. It excited us so much in Portland for Spring Market that it has been hard for us to not talk about it and do it. Stash is being used. Your mind can be whirling with all the ways you can make it yours. The group meets every month and the first class was a wild expression of what everyone is doing. We have Snowman, Fall, Key West, Victorian as Cape May, and even a Greek village. We will be sharing their work with you.

Here we are in sunny Florida and we are working on a wintry snowing scene for Christmas but, what the heck, we are using our stash.
Thanks for reading our first post. If you are in the area, stop by and visit.
Bye, Joey and Margy