Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patch’s Monthly Sampler Announced

Yes, on Monday, July 27th, we announced the Patch’s Monthly Sampler to our customers and now to you.  We refer to this program as PMS and any chocolate or candy eaten that day does not “count.”  It began three years ago as a historical perspective of Quilt Blocks.  We discussed where they came from and how long there was a record of the varying blocks.  We learned that the Log Cabin had been around a lot longer than the pioneers.  And we even watched Margy’s family’s farm video for “Corn and Beans.”  Each month on the second Saturday, the group would receive a block pattern for FREE and they would use their stash to complete a quilt.  The quilts were great and the group kept growing…..  Everyone enjoyed it and so we now begin the fourth PMS program.  It was designed for us by Susan Shaffer on E-Q 6 and is called “Home and Hearth” with a sewing and South Florida flair.  Each month the group will meet on the second Saturday at 10 AM or on the following Wednesday morning at 9 AM for our session.  There you will receive your free block pattern  and we will discuss its construction, value, color etc.  You are still able to use your stash but we ask that if you purchase any fabric, it be purchased at the Patch.   Here is a picture of the quilt…..DSCN0671This quilt’s only limitation is your creativity.  There are so many different ways to complete it.  We are sending out the sign-up sheet in our weekly newsletter, so if you aren’t getting our email, send us one at info@jampatch.com and we will send it to you. 

Here are a few of our favorite close-ups.  The Halloween cup is for Margy and I who adore Halloween and even more we LOVE candy corns.  So she did this one for us…..DSCN0666     

See, there are even candy corn buttons from JABC on the saucer to really make it us.  A lot of the blocks are paper pieced so we will be having paper piece demos to help you with that. 


We have Herons and fish and birds, oh my.  There are easy blocks and harder blocks but an Advance Beginner can easily do this quilt.  There are Bonus blocks and the center is in a medallion style with a home and log cabins.  Here is one of Margy’s interpretations….DSCN0663  The log cabin blocks at the top are our sunshine and sky and the the lower ones are surf and sand.  The house is Margy’s green with a tin roof.  The palm trees are her design which I bet she will share. This pattern will be available for sale separately for anyone who chooses to own it.  This makes for an easy and quick house-warming gift and since house sales are up…guess we better get busy.  DSCN0669 Here are the first block designs; the star is the FREE pattern and the sunrise is the BONUS.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Saturday Sampler Weekend

This is the fourth Saturday and so it is Saturday Sampler Weekend.  You can “flash” your block for your FREE block on Saturday and Monday.  There are presentations that would be quite helpful to attend at 10 AM and Noon on Saturday and on Monday at 1 PM.  We have decided to help everyone with placing the blocks monthly on this blog so you can refer to a color picture as you are working on them and Margy has also finished the Medallion Centers for “Ocean” and “Everything is Black and White”, which is also pictured.  The completed “Earth” Medallion with its full complement of pinwheels is also pictured.  Enjoy!!!


Ocean better known as Batiks Inner Medallion. 


This is Block 8, completed.  This is the block you will be receiving at the end of July.  The picture looks as if there is a pink background….it isn’t.  It is the original “Air” Batik.


This is “Everything is Black and White” completed Inner Medallion for those of you doing the black and white Saturday Sampler.  Block Eight is below.



Love the center block with a flower. 


This is “Earth” Inner Medallion along with the pinwheels.  This has some great areas for some “Design Quilting.”


DSCN0657  This is Block 8 that you will be receiving in July for August finish.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Winners for the Flamingo Run

Well, today is the day that we all meet to chose the winners of the Flamingo Run.  The Grand Prize is a Bernina Sewing Machine and that is chosen when all the completed passports are placed in the bag.  Then each shop chose one at a time their $100.00 gift certificate and so on.  We have our gift certificates with us and an envelope and they will be mailed right after we chose the winners.  They are listed below.

Shop Basket Winners:

Sharon Sweet, Okeechobee; Patty Elcert, Coral Springs; Ingrid Bischoff, Jupiter; Marie Aldrich and Karen, Boca Raton.

The Bernina 230 PE was won by Karen Lungar of Boca Raton.

$100 Gift Certificates

Jane McPhilomy, Ft. Lauderdale; Janet Brouchaert, Ft. Lauderdale; Jean Simmons; Kim Rowland, Okeechobee; Jennifer Collins, Jupiter.

$50 Gift Certificate

Jeanine Webster, Palm City; Lynn Margaris, Parkland; Shelia, Monan, Missouri; Marlene Vanderhoff, Okeechobee; Betty Buffum, Hollywood, FL

$25.00 Gift Certificates

Jerome Lundy, Plantation; Kathy McKinney, WPB; Jayme Speiss, Stuart; Chris Dean, Port Saint Lucie; Madonna Arnold, Okeechobee

Sorry for the delay.  Couldn’t get this up last night.  Again thank you for your participation.  DSCN0647

Here is our basket winner, Sharon.  She looks happy!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Flamingo Run is coming to an end

As we stand here with three and half hours left in the Flamingo Run, we ate a real lunch and are having fun visiting with each other.  Kits that have been requested are being cut and we are readying the full passports to take to our meeting on Tuesday.  It is funny how much you anticipate this and then it is over too quickly.  We would like to thank all of you for coming and seeing our store.  We love to hear your comments and we are thrilled to be a quilt shop you like visiting.  I wanted to finish out our Flamingo Run blogs with some up-close pictures of the sailfish and the “Glitter” thread detailing that Margy did in the Sailfish banner.  Hope this helps you.  DSCN0638

This detailing helps to make the sail fin look like it is flashing, as they do in the wild when they are clearing the water. 


Margy did what she refers to as water effect in quilting.  It really brings the strips into a cohesive background.

Now here is the last pictures of our store with the return of the JaM Patch Bus.  It looks as if everyone had  a great time.  Natalie sure did a fabulous job as a Bus Coordinator.  the report from everyone was a thumbs up.  DSCN0631


We tried to keep everyone cheerful with wine and cheese and hopefully the line moved quickly.  The stupid credit card machine was the slow one.  A big thank you to all our staff of Jackie, Annie, Judie, Kathy, Karen, Betty and Natalie.  They are terrific.  DSCN0637 Goodbye Flamingo Run for another year!!!!! 

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Flamingo Run is in its second day!!

Yes, day two of The Flamingo Rub, our shop hop, began with a bang.  There were people in the parking lot at 7 am.  More arrived with each passing minute and the crew worked like busy little bees and at 7:45 am, breakfast began for the bus trippers .  Joann and her son provided the coffee for the morning and we served danish, muffins, cinnamon rolls, Nutri-Grain bars and yogurt with granola as a topping.  The bus left at 8:35 AM and they all looked prepared for the journey.  We, Margy, Joey, Jackie, Annie and Betty sat for a moment and the bus from Quilter’s Choice arrived.  It was so good to see our neighbors from the south.  They were a lot of fun and then each and every opening of the door brought more quilters on the quest.  Here are the pictures to show you some of what was going on…….DSCN0619

Guess what line they are in!!!!!

Better before the bus then on the bus!!!!

A view of the group on the bus.  DSCN0621

The classroom was breakfast area and people were enjoying the treats. 


In tThe background you can see is the Holly Tree quilt that Jackie did.  We are planning a class in the autumn to do this quilt.  We have a sneak peak at the Shoebox Wall or that famous line “What’s in your Shoe Box?????


Couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the store looking so good. 





The play of the morning sun on the quilts across the shop makes an interesting view.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flamingo Run begins with a BANG!!!!!

Yes, here I sit (hurrah, I am sitting down for the first time today) and wow what a great start for the Flamingo Run.  We had our first group of quilters at 9:05 and they were friends we knew from Palm Beach Gardens.  Here is them arriving…….they were already having a good time.DSCN0609

They then proceeded to the Registration area known as the Mitered Corner where my Mom, Betty, gave them their packet and they registered for the drawing.  DSCN0618 Here is Mom and Felice at the table with the packets and drawing jar.  We were jammed a few times because of the various arrivals but all in all it worked well.  The Bus coming from Once Upon A Quilt had a little detour and arrived later then expected but that worked out great.  Here are some random shots of the store with a group from as far away as Miami.  It was great fun.   DSCN0613 It is going well, we will keep you posted. 

DSCN0615 DSCN0616 DSCN0614

Could it be true we are ready for the Flamingo Run…….

As we stand here twirling and reading all the lists you could possibly imagine that two people could do, we quietly say to each other…are we ready and our responding answer was YES!!!!  We do have to thank our two helpers who have stuffed and stamped our Flamingo Run packets, Steffie and Felice.  They helped make this situation possible.  We, also, have Jackie who is plodding along on all the last moment things we can think of and completing them.  We are now able to enjoy the next three days in seeing our friends, also known as customers, and the friends who just come every year on the Flamingo Run.

Thought you might enjoy some of the pictures I have been taking of the Shop prior to Flamingo Run.  We hope to keep you updated on the Run as it is happening.  DSCN0131

The two sailfishes face each other and are done the same way.  Here is a picture to help with placement of all the pieces.  This is to help Runners who have the free pattern but not the fabric kit.  The top fin is done by the fabric, Margy chose.  The yellow and blue strips are cut from fabric and fused.  The entire fish is a fused project.  DSCN0559

Here is the rug from the book   “Whimysland” by Lizzie B.  We love this book.  A class is schedule for it in September.  Our classroom is undergoing a renovation for the Run.DSCN0560  

Here is our Christmas corner with the original quilt by Jeri Ferguson for “Believe” by Nancy Halvorsen.  We also have done two other projects to show you as well.   We have turned the classroom into a display area of quilts and other projects.

Here are a few examples ofDSCN0563 some items we are

highlighting.  Did we tell you, we are carrying wool now?  A personal favorite of Margy and I, we held out as long as we could.  But it is here now, with more to follow.

DSCN0564Several of our Halloween picks and all.  We are in love with the wonderful Embroidery blocks, with the patchwork additions.  They are great “carry along” projects . DSCN0562  Now here is a glimpse of our Shoe Boxes Corner.  What is coming out of your “Shoe Boxes”?  We will talk about this more later.  DSCN0580 DSCN0579DSCN0582 





Just a few shots of the store and we will say bye for now.  We will keep you posted!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flamingo Run begins Thursday,July 16

How is everyone doing?  Yes, we have been terribly remiss in not blogging.  But in our defense since returning from Spring Market, we have been swamped and sitting down to write has not been on the “To Do List”  We promise to be better.  We have so much to share, that we hate not doing it. 


We are so excited that the 10th Anniversary Flamingo Run is finally here.  It is this coming weekend and we are so happy that it is that time  of year.  It might be hot and muggy outside but you can bet it will be nice and cool at the JaM Patch.  We will have a fresh look to the classroom walls with wonderful new things to see; and, of course, there will be treats for everyone to enjoy.  We have the fabulous "Dream Catch" Sailfish designed by Margy Merle in many different samples-----a banner (wall hanging), a table runner and the row in the 10th Anniversary Flamingo Run Quilt.  Ackfeld, the wire hanger maker, has a wonderful wave designed holder for the Sailfish Wall Hanger that completes the look.  We hope you are all aware that Stuart, where the JaM Patch resides, is the "Sailfish Capital of the World" and so we had to honor it in our row.  It is, also, our contribution to you for a quilt for a man in your life.  However, to catch a sailfish is a "DREAM" for anyone.  There is a fabric kit available for your sailfish row as well as the other projects.

Now here are some pictures to entice you and also if you have the patterns and to kit to assist in making your sailfish.  It is raw edge fused.  DSCN0599 This is the Flamingo Run Quilt called “Row to the Beach 2009.  We have a completion kit that includes the borders and the rows that seperate each shop’s row.  The border is great and you will see it better in the subsequent pictures. We have used the fabric that made the decision to do the sailfish even more important.  It is scenes of old Florida in the perfect shades.  There is a sailfish jumping, the fresh catch on display, and a typical Florida house to name a few.  And, yes, you are saying to yourself have they lost their minds...no, it is quite tastefully done and will surprise you as to how wonderful the fabric is.  It reminds me of old family photos of the trip to downtown Miami and the docks.  We have used this fabric on the outer border.  In the quilt, hanging by the cash register, the second inner border is the shades of a Florida sunset and we have provided the lengths necessary to have it run the right way on your quilt.  Margy has taken wonderful metallic thread, "Glitter", to make the sailfish "flash" as they do in the wild when they leap from the water once hooked.  The quilt also has button sunglasses, flip flops, etc. to embellish it even further.  These are also available at the Patch.  All in all, it is a great quilt to behold and to own.


This is the table runner that can be made from the row.  We have kits for this that includes the fabric for the row, the border and eyelash fabric.  This picture affords you a better look at the wonderful border print.

Here is the Banner that has been designed by Margy as well.DSCN0586

You can still purchase passports and attend the run on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Our bus is full and if any of the Bus Runners have not received their information, please call us.  We sent out the e-mail this past week.

You should see the classroom.  Our special "Believe Quilt" is on display and other wonderful projects with their kits!  The patterns and kits will go on sale on Thursday.  Don’t delay.  It is so special this year. 

DSCN0556 DSCN0557 These pictures are just teases.  More will follow as the quilt is fantastic.  Jeri Ferguson designed it exclusively for the JaM Patch and we are so proud of it.  This is the third in the series she has done for us.  We will share pictures of the other ones at a later date.