Friday, July 17, 2009

The Flamingo Run is in its second day!!

Yes, day two of The Flamingo Rub, our shop hop, began with a bang.  There were people in the parking lot at 7 am.  More arrived with each passing minute and the crew worked like busy little bees and at 7:45 am, breakfast began for the bus trippers .  Joann and her son provided the coffee for the morning and we served danish, muffins, cinnamon rolls, Nutri-Grain bars and yogurt with granola as a topping.  The bus left at 8:35 AM and they all looked prepared for the journey.  We, Margy, Joey, Jackie, Annie and Betty sat for a moment and the bus from Quilter’s Choice arrived.  It was so good to see our neighbors from the south.  They were a lot of fun and then each and every opening of the door brought more quilters on the quest.  Here are the pictures to show you some of what was going on…….DSCN0619

Guess what line they are in!!!!!

Better before the bus then on the bus!!!!

A view of the group on the bus.  DSCN0621

The classroom was breakfast area and people were enjoying the treats. 


In tThe background you can see is the Holly Tree quilt that Jackie did.  We are planning a class in the autumn to do this quilt.  We have a sneak peak at the Shoebox Wall or that famous line “What’s in your Shoe Box?????


Couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the store looking so good. 





The play of the morning sun on the quilts across the shop makes an interesting view.

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