Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flamingo Run begins Thursday,July 16

How is everyone doing?  Yes, we have been terribly remiss in not blogging.  But in our defense since returning from Spring Market, we have been swamped and sitting down to write has not been on the “To Do List”  We promise to be better.  We have so much to share, that we hate not doing it. 


We are so excited that the 10th Anniversary Flamingo Run is finally here.  It is this coming weekend and we are so happy that it is that time  of year.  It might be hot and muggy outside but you can bet it will be nice and cool at the JaM Patch.  We will have a fresh look to the classroom walls with wonderful new things to see; and, of course, there will be treats for everyone to enjoy.  We have the fabulous "Dream Catch" Sailfish designed by Margy Merle in many different samples-----a banner (wall hanging), a table runner and the row in the 10th Anniversary Flamingo Run Quilt.  Ackfeld, the wire hanger maker, has a wonderful wave designed holder for the Sailfish Wall Hanger that completes the look.  We hope you are all aware that Stuart, where the JaM Patch resides, is the "Sailfish Capital of the World" and so we had to honor it in our row.  It is, also, our contribution to you for a quilt for a man in your life.  However, to catch a sailfish is a "DREAM" for anyone.  There is a fabric kit available for your sailfish row as well as the other projects.

Now here are some pictures to entice you and also if you have the patterns and to kit to assist in making your sailfish.  It is raw edge fused.  DSCN0599 This is the Flamingo Run Quilt called “Row to the Beach 2009.  We have a completion kit that includes the borders and the rows that seperate each shop’s row.  The border is great and you will see it better in the subsequent pictures. We have used the fabric that made the decision to do the sailfish even more important.  It is scenes of old Florida in the perfect shades.  There is a sailfish jumping, the fresh catch on display, and a typical Florida house to name a few.  And, yes, you are saying to yourself have they lost their minds...no, it is quite tastefully done and will surprise you as to how wonderful the fabric is.  It reminds me of old family photos of the trip to downtown Miami and the docks.  We have used this fabric on the outer border.  In the quilt, hanging by the cash register, the second inner border is the shades of a Florida sunset and we have provided the lengths necessary to have it run the right way on your quilt.  Margy has taken wonderful metallic thread, "Glitter", to make the sailfish "flash" as they do in the wild when they leap from the water once hooked.  The quilt also has button sunglasses, flip flops, etc. to embellish it even further.  These are also available at the Patch.  All in all, it is a great quilt to behold and to own.


This is the table runner that can be made from the row.  We have kits for this that includes the fabric for the row, the border and eyelash fabric.  This picture affords you a better look at the wonderful border print.

Here is the Banner that has been designed by Margy as well.DSCN0586

You can still purchase passports and attend the run on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Our bus is full and if any of the Bus Runners have not received their information, please call us.  We sent out the e-mail this past week.

You should see the classroom.  Our special "Believe Quilt" is on display and other wonderful projects with their kits!  The patterns and kits will go on sale on Thursday.  Don’t delay.  It is so special this year. 

DSCN0556 DSCN0557 These pictures are just teases.  More will follow as the quilt is fantastic.  Jeri Ferguson designed it exclusively for the JaM Patch and we are so proud of it.  This is the third in the series she has done for us.  We will share pictures of the other ones at a later date.

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