Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Flamingo Run is coming to an end

As we stand here with three and half hours left in the Flamingo Run, we ate a real lunch and are having fun visiting with each other.  Kits that have been requested are being cut and we are readying the full passports to take to our meeting on Tuesday.  It is funny how much you anticipate this and then it is over too quickly.  We would like to thank all of you for coming and seeing our store.  We love to hear your comments and we are thrilled to be a quilt shop you like visiting.  I wanted to finish out our Flamingo Run blogs with some up-close pictures of the sailfish and the “Glitter” thread detailing that Margy did in the Sailfish banner.  Hope this helps you.  DSCN0638

This detailing helps to make the sail fin look like it is flashing, as they do in the wild when they are clearing the water. 


Margy did what she refers to as water effect in quilting.  It really brings the strips into a cohesive background.

Now here is the last pictures of our store with the return of the JaM Patch Bus.  It looks as if everyone had  a great time.  Natalie sure did a fabulous job as a Bus Coordinator.  the report from everyone was a thumbs up.  DSCN0631


We tried to keep everyone cheerful with wine and cheese and hopefully the line moved quickly.  The stupid credit card machine was the slow one.  A big thank you to all our staff of Jackie, Annie, Judie, Kathy, Karen, Betty and Natalie.  They are terrific.  DSCN0637 Goodbye Flamingo Run for another year!!!!! 

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