Thursday, July 16, 2009

Could it be true we are ready for the Flamingo Run…….

As we stand here twirling and reading all the lists you could possibly imagine that two people could do, we quietly say to each other…are we ready and our responding answer was YES!!!!  We do have to thank our two helpers who have stuffed and stamped our Flamingo Run packets, Steffie and Felice.  They helped make this situation possible.  We, also, have Jackie who is plodding along on all the last moment things we can think of and completing them.  We are now able to enjoy the next three days in seeing our friends, also known as customers, and the friends who just come every year on the Flamingo Run.

Thought you might enjoy some of the pictures I have been taking of the Shop prior to Flamingo Run.  We hope to keep you updated on the Run as it is happening.  DSCN0131

The two sailfishes face each other and are done the same way.  Here is a picture to help with placement of all the pieces.  This is to help Runners who have the free pattern but not the fabric kit.  The top fin is done by the fabric, Margy chose.  The yellow and blue strips are cut from fabric and fused.  The entire fish is a fused project.  DSCN0559

Here is the rug from the book   “Whimysland” by Lizzie B.  We love this book.  A class is schedule for it in September.  Our classroom is undergoing a renovation for the Run.DSCN0560  

Here is our Christmas corner with the original quilt by Jeri Ferguson for “Believe” by Nancy Halvorsen.  We also have done two other projects to show you as well.   We have turned the classroom into a display area of quilts and other projects.

Here are a few examples ofDSCN0563 some items we are

highlighting.  Did we tell you, we are carrying wool now?  A personal favorite of Margy and I, we held out as long as we could.  But it is here now, with more to follow.

DSCN0564Several of our Halloween picks and all.  We are in love with the wonderful Embroidery blocks, with the patchwork additions.  They are great “carry along” projects . DSCN0562  Now here is a glimpse of our Shoe Boxes Corner.  What is coming out of your “Shoe Boxes”?  We will talk about this more later.  DSCN0580 DSCN0579DSCN0582 





Just a few shots of the store and we will say bye for now.  We will keep you posted!!!!!!!!!

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