Thursday, March 26, 2009

2nd JaM Session Scheduled

Yes, April 20th and 21st we will host “Wonky Houses” at our second JaM Session.  We are so lucky to have gained a new neighbor, Tonya from Lazy Gal Quilting in the South Florida area.  She has just written for the “Quiltmaker”, Mar/April edition a tutorial on free form piecing and on those two days she will be sharing her expertise with us.  We have chosen to offer two days so that you will also have the opportunity to learn her wonderful alphabet.  It will be a fun-filled two days spending time with a great instructor and quilters.  The other day was a blast so don’t miss out on this one.  Here are some wonderful pictures to share with you on these beautiful quilts. There is the original one a few posts ago in pink.


Now we have one for you blue lovers.  Does this look like fun or what…no seams to match or points to care about. You just free form the house blocks and away you go. 



This is a great shower or wedding gift for that younger crowd.  These pictures are thanks to Tonya and her blog 

But my favorite is coming up and I think I will be doing this one.  After all if there is one fabric season that only pales to Christmas and that is Fall and Halloween.  What a hoot this one is.Wonky Houses

Now this has to make you smile.  What else but a spooky wonky house quilt to make you smile.  Personally, Halloween is a favorite.  What could be wrong with a holiday that allows you to get candy as a treat and produced candy corn, the perfect food.  In addition, you don’t have to buy people presents, you can just have a party and eat worms (candy ones, of course), dress in something you would never ever wear and did I mention eat candy.  Oh boy, this should be a fun one.  Okay, I was all settled on Halloween until I saw this one.  Oh, Dear Santa will you make one for me? Dear Santa_2_2 

Okay, now can you resist this one?  This should be a creative two days.  Stop by or call to sign up.

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