Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What we have to offer

Sometimes you sit and think everyone knows everything about what you love, well after a few questions we have had from customers, I guess everyone doesn’t.  So I think we will take the time to share with you some of the happenings at the JaM Patch.  We are always working on new stuff and we do forget that perhaps you haven’t seen it all.  Did you know that we have a group that is working on “The Queen and her Court” quilt?  It is stunning and here is what it will look like when everyone gets done.BOM-quilt

It is hard to describe the colors but I will try.  The background in the floral print is brown with mauve, mossy green and cream.  It is done with piecing and appliqué.  Margy has fused our store sample and is in the process of stitching all the appliqués down.  We still have kits available and the fabric is now on the floor for purchase.  Stop by and see it. 

We have been doing a new program this year called Summer School.  It is to encourage participation in classes and for you to get to know our teachers.  The classes are all day and cost $20.00.  When you have completed your class you are awarded a $10.00 gift certificate for fabric valid the day after your class.  A pretty good deal!!!  Here are some of the samples that are of classes yet to come.  Maybe you want to think of joining one.


This is “Halloween Booquet” by Tonya R. and it is slated for August 25th from 9 to 3 and is part of our Summer School so the class is $20.00.


Margy is doing this class for the Rug on August 12th and could the bean bag be very far behind……….photo-23

We borrowed this picture from the Lizzie B blog.  This is the cutest “new” idea we saw at market.  What do you think?  The class does required the purchase of “Whimsyland.”  You will be thrilled to own this book as it is great.  It is fun reading and the chocolate

cookie recipe is fabulous.whimsy_cover  The quilts are cute and different.  There are a lot of great ideas for that college freshman heading to their first dorm room for an easy Duvet Cover.  Anyone can sew this one!  I love all the words they use on quilts and wall hangings.  This is a keeper book. 


Michele S. is having sessions on Mondays during Summer School that are called “Studying with the Master.” She is using famous paintings as inspiration and duplicated with thread play, embellishing and piecing to complete some rather unique pieces. Stop by and see them.  She does discuss a lot about color and value.  It is quite a learning experience. 

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