Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out of Africa at the Patch

This is the company that always make us stop and stare.  It is Bigfork Bay Cotton Company with their exquisite realistic looking wall hangings.  We have carried them in the store for going on to three years and each year we think how can they out do last year and they do.  Well, this year is no exception.  we are lucky enough to have Tracey get us another wonderful Trunk Show and so they are here LIVE.  Here are some of the pieces that we have in the store for you to see the actual work.


His ears and trunks are separate from the background which makes him look more alive.  His ears feel so cool being seperate from the backgrounds.





Everyone loves this one.  What Mother doesn’t understand this look.  On this piece the leaves are lifted off the background.  This technique adds such a unique look to the piece.


Now I feel like I should say lions, tigers and bears, oh my.  Except I should be saying and zebras.

LionHe is regal looking yet you can see him sitting on the Serengeti and look over all that he rules.  He has a knowing look as to his position – King of the Jungle.



His colors are so beautiful and the look in his eyes are like “dinner is being served.” 




Zebra His stripes make you want to but stripes.  But the piece we are drawn to as Americans is the Eagle called Spirit.  Don’t you agree he is something to behold. 


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