Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Visitors were last week's excitement. Yes, we are located in Florida so visitors in the winter are something we are experience quite a lot. They add so much to our daily happenings that they couldn't go unnoticed. The Lady to the right is Margy's sister, Karen, who visited us from upstate New York. Karen is not a sewer but over the years she has developed quite a style with Paper Bags and Duck Tape. Here is her newest design including a pill box hat and monogram purse. Even her flip flops were covered with duck tape. She had the store in complete hysterics with her stylish arrival. Karen has quite a history here. During the Flamingo Run she was our Duck Girl and in charge of the duck pond where you won prizes. That was the beginning of the paper bag outfits. Margy's Mom was also here as well as their mutual friend from New York, Theresa. That was the start of wonderful week here. We had a Quilt Designer stop by while golfing through Florida. Her name is Jamie Kalvestran who is known as "Scrap-bags" and she is from Minnesota. She called and said she was in the area and would we like to see her samples. Boy, we were glad we did. As you can see by the pictures below, they were great and we were so happy to see them. We purchased patterns from her and got instant gratification as she brought them with her. It was so much fun to be able to touch and feel the samples.

This is Margy and Jamie in our classroom. Here are some of her samples.

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  1. Hi there Jam Patch Gals! I really enjoyed my visit to your shop. You were very busy at the time and I thank you so much for making time for me. All my best! Jamie Kalvestran