Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well, is it our imagination or did January just fly by. We are so surprised that it is already February. Where does time go...and don't remind us it goes faster as we age because we could swear we heard a young child say that January had flown. We are busy with so many things going on that is hard to settle our brains and start sharing all that is happening. The store is busy with all our friends from up north who winter here (just in case you aren't aware we are in Florida) and our friends who stay here. Lots of new programs are in full swing and we are excited at the great response. We have a full plate of activities this weekend, beginning on Friday with our monthly Holiday Club. We are doing the sweetest project from Cheryl Haynes of Prairie Grove Peddler called "Carrot Top." It reminds us of Dedham Pottery and see if you agree. It is 38" x 38" and you can chose to do the bunnies in wool or cotton fabric. There is still space so send us a post and we will sign you up. Friday afternoon we will be working on our "Village Stash Project" and we plan to share pictures as samples are brought in. Here is a few more pictures of the projects, we are doing. The Key West or as some refer to as the Shabby Chic is definitely a crowd pleaser. See if you agree. The project is so much fun and we are personally having a ball doing it. This month the group will start working on the Alternative Block and next month they will start work on the buildings. We guess a lot of us are really frustrated architects and this quilt is fulfilling that dream. The Designer of a Village, isn't it great what quilting can do for you?
There is one trend that we are noticing and Saturday Afternoon will be our answer to that--The Clutch Party. It is a monthly session devoted to things that you clutch. Purses, totes, scarves, anything other than driving a car.
More work to do so please check in later.

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog. Since I live in Broward County and don't get up there often enough, it is a fun way to stay up to date. Is there a way to get email notifications whenever you post a new blog?
    Many thanks and good luck!