Friday, April 16, 2010

The Journey Continues

The time in Paducah was both fun and inspiring. Just when you think that you are not interested in a particular quilt form…BAM!!!! It hits you in the face; you do want to do it. That is what the Quilt Museum does for you. It brings you to all forms of quilting and hits you in the face with why am I not doing that? I spent my time walking and thinking what is it that makes us want to make a quilt this style or that style? My answer and I truly mean my answer is that often over used but still the perfect one…..CREATIVITY. Our desire to do creative things makes for different avenues to the finished project. What do you think?

Upon leaving the quilt museum I walked the grounds and then across the parking lot and looked at the river and all the beautiful murals that the city of Paducah is doing along the levee. Hope you enjoy them.

My traveling companions thought I had gone to the fabulous but not tried Pie shop on Main Street in Paducah. But it was CLOSED and I wasn’t hungry. They are upset that I have not told you of the little mishap that happened to me….I lost the camera. Left it at the restaurant we had lunched in and when we got across the street at Hancock‘s…no camera. Judie bolted out the car to get into the store and left Kathy and I to find the camera. It was located. I thought what a nice thing for Kathy to do, until I heard her say she should have just let me take the car so she could go into Hancock’s. It is hard to separate addicts from their addiction….FABRIC. Here is the picture I took with the almost lost camera.

I believe, I forgot to talk about the fantastic display of Hollis Chatelaine and famous photographers. She does the most unbelievable pictorial quilts of people and places. The exhibit is called "Imagine Hope"AND THE PICTURES DO NOT DO THE WORK JUSTICE.
Hope for Our World
Imagine Hope strives to touch its viewers, inspiring them to get involved and make a change in the world. This quilt exhibit is comprised of 12 monochromatic textile pieces by Hollis Chatelain.

You sit in the room and feel her work, see her work and since the main emphasis was the value of water in the world you felt parched. She is able to capture in her work the feeling of the people and subjects she selects. Kathy has taken quite a few classes with her and telling me that she quilts in some instances using bright, neon thread from Superior was amazing. I think my favorite one was the forest of 4 or 5 trees which in some areas of the world is the FOREST. It made me appreciate the beauty we saw of this country from the car window. But enough about Paducah, we shall return.

The next morning we headed to Judie’s daughter, Kim and family. She lives in Springfield. Her daughter and Judie’s granddaughter, Sydney, who many of you have met (She attended a Guild Meeting and played BINGO.) was so excited to have us come that it made us feel quite special. Kim has a lovely house where we stayed for the night. She served a fabulous meal and we got to meet her boyfriend, Mike. Lance and Amy, Judie’s newlywed grandson and his wife, were there as well. They are White Sox and Cardinal Fans. Games were on but the conversation was lively. But before we got there, we had Antique Shops to visit. We got off for a bit more coffee at a McDonald’s in Perry, IL and saw a sign antique mall. It was ten or twelve miles away certainly not around the corner. The finds were wonderful and we are glad we went. The plains of Illinois were out our windows with farm after farm. The fields appear to be ready to plant or perhaps they are planted. It was 85 that day. In fact we have been in warmer weather than you have had in Florida.

Our last stop at an antique shop and I use that term loosely was
on Route 66. Kathy got to be besides her pink elephant, 

Judie got her spaceship,

and I found a candy gazebo.
 How fitting. The stuff inside made my junk look like treasures. Thank God no one purchased there.

The next morning it was early rising…we had to leave Springfield by 6am. Chicago here we finally come….Kathy saw a sun rise. She wasn’t quite sure what it was but Judie and I assured her…this
happens every day.
 It was uneventful except for another lesson learned. Garman’s do not necessarily change time zones when you do. We thought us not going to arrive because the Garman said arrival was 11:10am and our class was 12noon. But low and behold the Garman was wrong and we arrived at 10am. Oh, that is because we are on Central Time and it is on Eastern Time.

Hotel checks in was good and easy. Car checks in was not. Apparently parking is a valuable commodity here in Rosemont. We decided to park at the convention center for $13.00 versus the hotel at $27.00. We decided to ask the man taking your money if it was okay to park over night. Well, it wasn’t the car had to moved and without some quick talking at the front desk, we would have paid $40.00 for that day of parking. The Front Desk Clerk helped us….we will know for sure when we get our bill. Our first lecture/lunch was fantastic with David Taylor. His work is unbelievable but that is minor compared to how he does it. The next posts will be pictures of quilts.  Forgive me, if these are unaligned.  The systems are not working correctly and WI-FI area are hard to find. 

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