Friday, April 23, 2010

OMG, Paducah is the Queen

Okay, everything we have done and the whole trip has arrived at the cresendo....Paducah.  The quilts are fabulous, the crowds so much fun to be with, the vendors so helpful in helping you spend your money and the quilting celebrities are too numerous to mention.  The white bubble as I refer to the Pavilion is full of quilts, vendors and friends at the LizzieB booth.  The lighting is terrific.  The quilts are QUEENS.  Everyone is better than the one you saw next to it.  The runner ups are as wonderful to view as the winners.  Each one is so special and the hours the maker has put into it is so visible.  Okay, Chicago was lovely and the quilts wonderful but we definetly saved the BEST for LAST.  I will get some pictures on tonight.  Last night the camera and computer refused to sync and so no pictures.  We saw chums from Florida and we thank Carolyn S. for the tip to go to dinner at Patti's 1800 Homestead.  The pork chop was terrific and the area lovely to view.  The mile-high pies were a sight to behold but not as good as they looked.  Here are a few pictures of the sights and flowers of Spring in the Illinois area. 

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