Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paducah for the first visit

Today was fantastic in both weather and happenings. We were up and out earlier than expected because we are excited. The hotel was fantastic and we fell in love rugs and their coloration.  The rugs that were all over. A quilt is building in our minds and here is a snapshot....what do you think???

The hotel was so cheerful that we just kept admiring the decor.  Judie and I also enjoyed an addition that was on our bed.  I am sure you will be seeing and hearing about it.  We are calling it a bed runner.
Breakfast was good and we headed out on I-24 to Nashville and then to Paducah.  We made a promise to ourselves yesterday that the next display of Wisteria seen, we were stopping and taking pictures.  Kathy was at the wheel and we were barreling down the mountain on a curve and low and behoild...there is a massive display of Wisteria.  We exit stage door right on to the shoulder for our pictures.  Another lesson to be learned do not stop in a curve, on the downside of a mountain with large tractor trailers on the road.  This was one of those moments when you feel like the trucks are going to lift you off the road and toss you.  The pictures are worth it or at least we think so.......

One of the trucks.........oops.......
The pretty Red Bud tree.

As Judie stated, "Well, we have survived today."  thank goodness an uneventful trip after this near miss and we arrived in Paducah all in one piece. More to follow...have to get some sleep and wash hair. 

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