Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quilts, Quilts and Quilts

As promised more pictures of the quilts here at the show.  This is the last year here in Chicago.  They are going to Cinncinati next year. 

This is all in silks and done in the 1890s.  The shimmer was fantastic. It is courtyard steps, a log cabin variation.  I took many pictures of log cabins I saw as this is our Martin County Challenge.

Here is one from the 1930s.  No this not reproduction fabric.

It was quite effective.  Everyone likes this one.
I am sorry I don't have all the info on any of these but I do know we like pictures. 

This is a Carolina Lily pattern.  What an effective use of color.  Or is it I like Red and Green?  This is one of the Canadian exhibits.  Knocked our socks off as so many different techniques were used. 

A pretty floral that reminds us of spring and it is bursting here.   

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