Wednesday, April 14, 2010 we are

Good night's sleep and I can now reflect on the visit to Paducah...better known as Quilt City USA.  We are staying here in one of the numrous hotels and experiencing the town as it gets ready for the onslaught.  The Manager at the front desk told us he just arrived a few months ago but he is learning the hotel scramble that Paducah experiences.  He was funny.  But getting back to the day..a pleasant lunch, gas fill-up at $2.66 a gallon.  A quick but brief stop at Hancock of Paducah as it readys for the arrivals.  Interesting their whole system of yard cuts, etc.  They will not cut less than a half yard.  Friendly but not helpful as everyone had their assigned task.  Cut, cut, cut.  But we are not shopping for fabric,,the museum calls.  A pleasant drive there with all the flowering trees.  The dogwood is beautiful.    As you can see.  The buildings are so charming. 
The Museum is awesome.  No pictures are allowed but it is a must for anyone traveling near this area.  Th quilts are awe-inspiring and ye thjere is a feeling the swells inside you....can I be that good.  I believe all of us can!!!!  We just have to work at it.  There was a Sunflower Exhibit of their challenge.  Beautiful.  A book is out that we will have at the store.  Orange Peel is the challenge block for next year.  Now we who live with orange groves should be entering this one.  I have the paperwork. 
Hollis Chatelaine's Special Exhibit was unreal.  I will blog about this specifically later.  Must get ready to go to see Judie's daughter...Kim in Springfield.  The trek to Chicago begins again.